How To Apply A Payment To A Different Invoice

In this help article, we'll discuss how to un-apply a payment from an invoice so it can be moved to a different invoice or so it creates an Open Payment that can be used at a later time. When a payment is made by a client or the "Add Payment" button is clicked by an Admin to add a payment, that payment is automatically applied to that particular invoice. In Time To Pet, in order to move a payment, you will need to un-apply it from the invoice it was originally applied to first. 

Locating The Payment

There are several ways to find the payment that needs to be applied to a different invoice. 

One option is to open the invoice that the payment is currently applied to and click "Edit" next to the payment at the bottom of the invoice: 

Invoice Screen - Edit Option Next to Applied Payment

Another option is to navigate to the client's profile and click on "Balance (view)" below the client's name on their profile: 

Client Profile - Clickable Client Balance Sheet

On the next screen is the client's Balance Sheet. The default "Showing" view will only show Open items. Because the invoice has already been paid the "Showing" field will need to be adjusted to "All Items". Click Edit next to the payment that needs to be un-applied:

View Of Client Balance Sheet

Adjusting The Amount Applied

Whether you have followed the first option of clicking Edit next to the payment on the invoice or the second option of clicking Edit next to the payment on the client's Balance Sheet, the next screen you see will be the same. This includes the payment date, amount received, amount applied to the invoice(s), and a History button for tracking that payment's history:

Edit Payment Screen in Time To Pet

Here we will adjust the "Amount Applied" box. Note: do not adjust the "Amount Received" amount, this would only apply if you have refunded this payment outside of Time To Pet. Adjusting the "Amount Applied" removes the payment from being applied to that specific invoice. In this example, it's invoice #002733. Once the Amount Applied has been edited to $0, the Amount Remaining updates to $146.00, this means there will be a $146.00 Open Payment that can be applied to a different invoice or can be left on the client's account for future services. 

Editing Amount Applied On Payment Screen

After Un-applying The Payment

After refreshing the client's profile, you'll see an Open Payment. This Open Payment can then be applied to a different invoice (How To Apply Open Payments), applied as a tip (Best Practices For Applying An Open Payment As A Tip), or left on the client's account for future use. Open Payments mean the payment is not currently applied to an invoice, so it's "Open". 

Example Of Open Payment on Client Profile


I added a Manual Payment (cash, check) for my client by mistake, how do I delete it?
We have instructions for deleting a payment available here: How To Delete A Payment. Please note that deleting a payment also deletes that payment's history and is not reversible. 

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