Moving Services From One Package To Another

If a client has purchased a Package that contains one type of service but later changes their mind and wants to use a different type of service in another Package, you may be looking for a way to move the completed events from one Package to another.

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to transfer services from one package to another if the services included in each Package differ. So, the best thing to do here is to move the completed events to a new invoice, remove the partially redeemed package from the client's account to create an open payment, then apply that open payment toward purchasing a new package.

Example Case

A Client originally purchased the "15-Minute Walks (Pack of 20)" Package and nine of those walks have been completed. The client has decided 15 minutes is not long enough and wants to switch to the "30-Minute Walks (Pack of 20)" Package instead.

Step One: Move The Completed Events To A New Invoice

In the image below, we see 20 scheduled events for Package invoice #353. The events from May 8th through May 18th have already been completed, but those from May 19th through June 2nd are still "Scheduled".

client services list

We'll move the completed events from May 8th - May 18th into a new, non-Package invoice by following the steps in this article: Moving Events To A New/Blank Invoice

Step Two: Adjust The Price Of The Moved Events

If you want to honor the Package discount on the events you moved out of the Package, you will need to edit the price directly on the invoice by either editing each line item or by adding a discount to the invoice.

In our example case, the company offers a 15% discount off the normal service price when purchasing as a Package, so we'll add a 15% discount to the new invoice to honor that discount:

edit invoice screen with red arrow pointing to discount line

Step Three: Void The Package Invoice

Once you've moved the completed events out of the Package invoice, and all that remains are the future scheduled events, you can void the Package invoice to remove the Package from the client's account. Here is our help doc outlining those steps: How To Void An Invoice.

If the Package invoice was already paid for, voiding the invoice will move any payments that were applied to the client's open payment balance.

Step Four: Apply The Open Payment To The Invoice

If an open payment was created in step three, you can now apply that open payment to the invoice you moved the completed events to. Here is our help doc on How To Apply Open Payments.

Step Five: Add New Package

You can now add the new Package to the client's account, apply any remaining open payments from step three to the new Package invoice, and redeem events from the new package.

If you need a refresher on adding a Package to a client's account and redeeming events, check out our help doc on Packages.

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