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There are many different ways you can customize your Time To Pet account to better fit your business needs. All of these settings and configuration options can be found in the Settings section. In this help article, we will review all of the different settings sections and direct you to the specific help documentation for each option.

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Company Settings

The Company Settings section is where you can configure all of the information about your company. This ranges from company contact info, custom client and pet fields, scheduler options, and more. Below are links for all of the help documentation related to Company Settings.

Company Settings Help Docs

Invoicing & Payments

Invoicing & Payments allows you to customize information regarding invoicing in your Time To Pet. This section is also where you can enable credit card processing for your business.

Invoicing & Payments Help Docs

Mobile App

The Mobile App section allows you to configure many aspects of the Time To Pet mobile app that you and your team members will be using in the field.

Mobile App Help Docs

Client Settings

Client Settings allow you to customize information related to your clients and their pets in Time To Pet. This includes vaccinations, the client agreement, and adjusting your portal settings.

Client Settings Help Docs

Staff Settings

The Staff Settings section is where you can adjust information related to your team members. This ranges from general settings like setting contractors or employees, to adjusting the permission settings for each role.

Staff Settings Help Docs


The Integrations section allows you to set up and manage various integrations with Time To Pet. Integrations include third party calendar integrations, Quickbooks Online, and more.

Integrations Help Docs

Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings is where you can configure different settings options that are more advanced in Time To Pet. Not all businesses will utilize these features. They include the happiness score, notification settings, advanced key settings, and more.

Advanced Settings Help Docs

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