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Time To Pet has built-in support for tipping. Tips can be added to any invoice from both the admin dashboard and by your clients when they are paying an invoice.

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Automatic Tips

You can add an Automatic Tip to any individual client, and that tip will automatically be applied to any future invoices that are generated.

  1. Navigate to the client profile.
  2. Go to the Services/Invoices tab.
  3. Click the Edit button underneath "Auto Tip"

    client profile services/invoices tab with arrow pointing to auto tip

  4. Fill out the automatic tip amount to be applied, then click the Save button.edit auto tip

Any invoices created after saving this Auto Tip will have the designated tip amount automatically applied.

Adding A Tip To An Invoice

Tips can easily be added to any invoice.

  1. Locate the invoice you want to add a tip to and click the Edit link.
  2. Click the “Add Tip” button at the bottom of the invoice: Tipping in Time To Pet - Add Tip button
  3. A new window will appear allowing you to set any tip amount: 

    Tipping in Time To Pet - Add tip window

  4. Set the tip amount desired and click the “Save Tip” button.

Once a tip has been set on an invoice, it can easily be modified. The “Add Tip” button will change to “Edit Tip”. Clicking this button will launch the same window where you can then edit the tip amount.

Clients Can Add Tips As Well

Client's can tip in the Client Portal or Mobile App, when paying an invoice.

Note: Client's can only Tip in the Client Portal or Mobile App, if a Credit Card processor is connected. You can learn how to connect to a Credit Card Processor in our Credit Card Processing help article.

When a client is paying for an invoice, they can add a tip as well:

Tipping in Time To Pet - Client View

Tipping in Time To Pet - Select amount of tip in the dropdown

Tipping in Time To Pet - using a custom tip amount

Disbursing Paid Tips

In order for tips to be payable to your staff, they have to be disbursed. An invoice can often have multiple services that can be assigned to different staff members. Disbursing tips allows you to divide and distribute these tips to the appropriate staff members in the appropriate amount.

Note: Tips are only eligible to be disbursed once the invoice has been paid in full.

Important note: Terminology may differ depending on if you have Contractors or Employees selected in your Company Settings. The verbiage for Independent Contractors is Invoices and the verbiage for Employees is Pay Stubs. This article will use the Employee terminology (Pay Stubs).

  1. Navigate to Staff -> Pay Stubs.
  2. Click the Tips tab.
  3. All tips available for disbursement will be listed in Non-Disbursed Tips. 

    Tipping in Time To Pet - List of Non-Disbursed Tips

  4. Click the “Disburse” button for the tip you wish to Disburse.
  5. A new window will appear with all staff members that are assigned to one or more visits on the invoice. Their allotment of the total tip will automatically be calculated based on their percentage of the entire revenue for the invoice.

    Tipping in Time To Pet - Edit Tip Disbursement window

  6. Each staff member’s amount can be manually adjusted, but the total cannot add up to more than the total tip available in the invoice.
    1. To add a staff member that was not part of the original invoice use the “Include Staff” button and the staff selector to the left of it.
  7. When ready, click “Save & Disburse”. The Window will close, and that tip will disappear from the “Non-Disbursed Tips” table. It will now appear in the “Disbursed Tips” table.

How To Undo A Disbursed Tip 

You can undo the tip disbursement by clicking "Show" next to the disbursed tip in the "Tips" tab of Pay Center and then clicking "Undo Tip Disbursement" on the next screen.

How To Undo A Disbursed Tip - Show Button on Pay Center Tips Tab

Undo A Disbursed Tip - Undo Tip Disbursement Button

Bulk Tip Disburse

You can also disburse tips all at once for your staff members using the Bulk Disburse tool.

Tipping in Time To Pet - Bulk Tip Disburse screen

1. Select the "Bulk Disburse" button. This will show a new screen with all tips for all staff members. 

2. You can change the amount for each staff member if necessary, as well as view the invoice and scheduled events tied to the tip. 

Tipping in Time To Pet - Editing tips in Bulk Disburse

3. You can choose to skip certain staff members by selecting "Skip This Tip."

Tipping in Time To Pet - Skip adding a Tip for specific staff

4. Once you're ready to disburse, select the "Disburse Tips" button. You'll see another pop-up window to confirm your action.

Tipping in Time To Pet - Click Disburse Tips button to complete

5. After selecting "Bulk Disburse Tips," you'll see a progress screen while the tips are being disbursed. Do not navigate from the screen until you have received a completed message at the top of the screen.

Paying Out Tips

Once a tip has been disbursed, it is now ready to be paid out to the staff member.

  1. If a staff member has a tip balance, we will display this in their profile. 

    Tipping in Time To Pet - Tip Balance on staff profile for disbursement

  2. Generate a pay stub for this staff member (the date range is irrelevant, the next generated pay stub will automatically include the entire tip balance).
    1. The entire tip balance will be included on this pay stub; however, it can be manually adjusted if only part of it should be paid out now.
  3. The staff member’s tip balance will be adjusted by the amount paid out in the pay stub.

    Tipping in Time To Pet - Staff paystub will show tip amount

Staff Viewing Tips

Once the tips have been disbursed, the staff will be able to view the amount they received and the client who sent it. They can view this information in the  My Pay > Tips section of the dashboard.

Tipping in Time To Pet - Staff can view tips under the My Pay section of their account

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