Notifications Center in Staff App

Time To Pet supports a Notifications Center in our Staff App to help staff members, office managers, and Administrators stay up to date with messages and notifications sent by Time To Pet when in the field.

Viewing the Notifications Center

When logged into the Time To Pet Staff App, you can view the Notifications Center by clicking the "Bell" icon in the top right corner of the Schedule screen. Please note that if you have any unread notifications, you will also see a red indicator showing above the bell icon.

To access the Notifications Center, simply tap on the bell icon.

Viewing Message Notifications

You can view all of your Message Notifications in the "Messages" tab of the Notifications Center. This includes messages (and private messages) sent from all clients that you have access to. To view the message, simply tap on any notification and you will be taken to the client's conversation feed. From here, you can read the message or send a response.

You can filter by "Unread Only" or "All Messages" by clicking the check box in the top right. To mark any of these notifications as "Read" - you can click the "Mark All As Read" button at the bottom of the screen or you can select individual messages by tapping the circle on the right of each notification and then clicking the "Mark As Read" button.

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