Getting Started With The Mobile App

After activating your account, you will be able to sign in to the Time To Pet app. You can use the Time To Pet app to view your schedule, complete events, track mileage, communicate with your clients and team, and more! In this article, we'll review each feature available in the Time To Pet App.

Note: Some features may not be available to you depending on your role within the company and your company's settings and configurations.

Downloading And Signing In 

The Time To Pet app is available in the Apple App Store (for iOS) and the Google Play Store (for Android). Searching "Time To Pet" in the respective app stores will show the app as the first result to download. 

Upon opening the app, you will be presented with the login screen. Use the email and password you set when activating your account to sign in.

smart phone mockup of time to pet app splash login screen

Home Screen (Schedule)

The first screen you will see after logging in will be the home screen. This screen will show you what events you have scheduled for the day (if any) and the ability to start or complete the service.

Note: For a guide on how to complete events in the app, see Completing An Event Via The Mobile App

mockup of time to pet app home schedule screen

Using the purple toggle in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, you can expand and minimize your event details in bulk. Alternatively, you can expand and minimize each event individually by clicking the upper right-hand corner of each event:

mockup of time to pet app home screen with events minimized and red arrows pointing to minimize and expand toggles


Click the notification bell in the upper right-hand corner to view new messages and notifications:

mockup of time to pet app with red arrow pointing to notification bell


In the bottom navigation bar, click Clients to view your Client List:

mockup of time to pet app with red arrow pointing to clients button

Clicking on a specific client will open a new bottom navigation bar for that client with buttons to view that client's Details, Pets, Docs, and Keys. Click on Chat to open the Client Conversation Feed.

Note: The Keys section will only be available to you if the client has one or more keys on file and your company's Permissions allow you to manage client keys.

mockup of time to pet app client details screen


If enabled for your company, the Time and/or Mileage button will be available in the bottom navigation bar of the Time To Pet app:

phone mockup of time to pet app with red arrow pointing to time mileage button

Note: For detailed instructions on how to track your time and/or mileage in the Staff App, see Clocking In, Clocking Out, And Tracking Mileage On Staff App

General App Settings

The last button in the bottom navigation bar of the app is the Settings button:

phone mockup of time to pet app with red arrow pointing to settings button

In the Settings section, you can toggle on and off the following settings:

phone mockup of time to pet app settings options

  • Show Completed Events - This toggle determines whether or not completed events are shown on the Home Screen.
  • Use Low Accuracy GPS - Enabling "Low Accuracy GPS" may be useful if you need to conserve battery life or data, but will result in less accurate GPS tracking.
  • Confirm Before Sending Message - When enabled, you'll be prompted to confirm that you want to send a message when you click the "Send" button on messages to clients.
  • In-App Camera Images Save To Gallery - When enabled, Time To Pet will save the images you take with the Time To Pet app to your device's photo gallery.
  • End-Of-Visit 5 Minute Warning - When enabled, Time To Pet will generate a push notification to your device when there are 5 minutes left on an event timer.

Notification Settings

Within the Settings section is the Notifications tab. In the Notifications tab, you can toggle specific types of push notifications on and off:

phone mockup of time to pet app notification settings options

Note: Depending on your company's Permissions settings, you may or may not be able to edit which push notifications you receive.

Side Menu

To open the side menu in the Mobile App, tap the three lines in the upper left-hand corner:

phone mockup of time to pet app with red arrow pointing to three lines in upper left corner

phone mockup time to pet app side menu open


From the side menu, click Agenda to see all events you're assigned to for the current week:

phone mockup of time to pet app agenda screen


From the side menu, tap Documents to view your Staff/User Documents:

phone mockup of time to pet app documents screen


From the side menu, tap Keys to view all keys currently assigned to you. You can also tap on a key to reassign it from here.

phone mockup of time to pet app keys screen

Note: If your company's Permissions do not allow you to manage client keys, the Keys section of the app will not be visible to you.


From the side menu, tap Messages to open the Conversation Feed between you and your admin team:

phone mockup of time to pet app messages screen

My Pay

From the side menu, tap My Pay to view your pay stub or invoice history and the history of tips that have been disbursed and paid out to you:

Mobile phone mockup of the my pay section of the mobile app

Time Off / Time Available

From the side menu, tap Time Off or Time Available (this will depend on your company's Time Off/Time Available Settings) to view your scheduled time off or time available.

phone mockup of time to pet app time off screen

You can also submit new time off requests and add availability here:

phone mockup of time to pet app add time off button


Q: Where are all the admin tools in the app, such as scheduling, invoicing, reporting, etc.?

The Time To Pet App has been designed for you and your staff members to keep track of your personal schedule, complete assigned events, communicate with clients, capture GPS data, and do everything else you need to on a visit-by-visit basis. The App does not contain any admin tools.

That said, the Time To Pet website resizes perfectly and is fully functional on mobile devices, so you, as the admin, can still work effortlessly while on the go without having to lug your laptop around! Just visit to log in and get started, and check out our help doc on Best Practices For Using Time To Pet In The Field for tips on using Time To Pet on a mobile device.

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