Getting Started With The Mobile App

After activating your account, you will be able to sign in to the Mobile App. The Mobile App is highly recommended for staff to use when completing a service. 

Downloading And Signing In 

The mobile app is available in the Apple App Store (for iOS) or the Google Play Store (for Android). Searching "Time To Pet" in the respective app stores will show the app as the first result to download. 

When opening the app, you will be presented with the login screen. Use the email and password you set when activating your account. 

Time To Pet Mobile App - Log in screen

Home Screen View (Schedule)

The first screen you will see after logging in will be the home screen. This screen will show you what events you have scheduled for the day (if any) and the ability to start or complete the service.

Time To Pet Mobile App - Schedule screen

Notification Settings

By default, company settings allow push notifications to be sent to your mobile device. The mobile app allows for push notifications to be sent to your device. You are able to select which notifications you want to receive on your device by going to the "Settings" section and selecting the "Notifications" tab on top. 

Time To Pet Mobile App - setting screen

You are able to toggle which notifications you would like to have sent to your device. If the company has disabled certain notifications from being allowed, you will not receive those push notifications regardless of whether or not you have it toggled on. 

The Time To Pet app has been designed primarily for staff members so they can keep track of their schedule, mark events as complete, send notes and pictures to their clients, and do everything else they need to on a visit-by-visit basis. If you as the Admin need a little more control, we’ve made sure to build a fully functional website that resizes and works just as great on mobile as it does on a PC. All you need to do is enter (that's the same address you enter on your PC) on any mobile browser, log in, and you have access to all of the great Time To Pet features right there on your phone. You can make schedule changes, send invoices, and complete visits too! We've also created a Best Practices For Using Time To Pet In The Field Guide for the mobile version of Time To Pet.
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