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This article will give a general overview of the Pay Center in Time To Pet. Found in Staff > Pay Center, the Pay Center is where you can generate pay stubs, generate pay reports, disburse and un-disburse tips, run tip reports, and view pay rates for staff. 

IMPORTANT: Time To Pet does not pay your staff/users directly. The Pay Center provides tools that will help you calculate what to pay your staff outside of Time To Pet via your payroll processor or another preferred method.

Pay Stubs Tab

The Pay Stubs tab allows you to generate a pay stub for all staff, or specific staff members, for the dates selected in the date filter.

The following help articles cover, in detail, how to generate pay stubs, more information on setting staff pay rates, and how staff are paid for cancelled services:

Pay Report Tab

The Pay Report tab offers a report that provides the total already paid (included on pay stubs) and projected to be paid (not yet included on pay stubs) to each staff member. Below the Generated Pay Stubs Report section, there is a Line Items section. You can view all line items used to calculate the total paid in the Line Items section. Projected pay is not included in the Line Items section as projected pay has not been paid out yet.

There are two data types that can be used to run a Pay Report: 

  1. Visit Date/Line Item

    The Generated category will look at the date of the line item on the Pay Stub. Tips and Custom Line Items from Pay Stubs are included in this report. The projected section using Visit Date/Line Item will use the date the visit was scheduled.

  2. Pay Stub Generated Date

    For this report, only the date that the pay stub was generated is taken into account. If this Pay Stub Generated Date is selected, no projected values will be calculated as this report is just for generated pay stubs. Tips and Custom Line Items from Pay Stubs are included in this report

Custom Line Items on Pay Stubs

If any custom line items have been manually added to a staff pay stub that has been generated, they will appear in the Line Items section of the Pay Report tab with a green check mark under the “Custom” column:

Example of a Custom Line Item on Line Items Section of Pay Center

Custom line items will also show in the downloadable line items report in a separate column titled “Custom” and can be sorted using your spreadsheet software of choice. 

The following help articles cover, in more detail, specific questions about Pay Reports:

Tips Tab

Time To Pet has built-in support for tipping. Tips can be added to any invoice, paid or unpaid, from both the admin dashboard and by your clients from the Mobile App or Client Portal. You can then decide how those tips are disbursed to staff members and include them on staff pay stubs here in the Tips Tab.

The Tips tab includes two sets of data:

  1. Non-Disbursed Tips

    The "Non-Disbursed Tips" section lists all tips that have been added to a client invoice but have not yet been disbursed to a staff member/user. Non-Disbursed tips are not able to be paid out on a pay stub/invoice. 

  2. Disbursed Tips

    The "Disbursed Tips" section lists all tips that have been disbursed to staff members/users. These tips are able to be paid out on a pay stub/invoice. 

The following help articles cover, in more detail, specific questions about disbursing tips:

The following help articles cover, in more detail, specific questions about tips and tipping in Time To Pet:

Tip Report Tab

The Tip Report tab offers several reports. Tips that have not been disbursed are not included in these reports.

  1. Tips Over Time

    This report gives a breakdown of the total tips received within a specified period of time. 

  2. Tips By User/Staff

    This report will show the total tips disbursed to each user/staff member within a specified date range.

  3. Tips By Client

    This report will show how much money in tips each client has paid within a specified period of time.

Each report above provides the total tips disbursed based on the date filter chosen:

  1. Filtered By Invoice Due Date Or Invoice Date

    When filtered by Invoice Due Date or Invoice Date, only tips included on client invoices with a due date or date between the specified dates will be shown.

  2. Filtered By Pay Period Start Or Pay Period End

    When filtered by Pay Period Start or End, only tips that are included in a pay stub/user invoice with a pay period start or end date between the specified dates will be shown. 

  3. Filtered By Tip Disburse Date

    When filtered by Tip Disburse Date, only tips that were disbursed between the specified dates will be shown.

The following help article covers how to export Tip Reports from Time To Pet :

Pay Rates Tab

This is an excellent tool for quickly determining which pay rates have been customized. This report will generate a complex matrix for every single staff member.

Each row represents a staff member, and each column represents a service and its associated pay rates. This includes primary/base service fees, Extra Pet fees, Weekend fees, and After Hours fees. Any rate that has been customized will result in the staff's name being highlighted in green, and the specific rate will also be highlighted in green.

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