Best Practices For Dog Trainers

If you offer dog training, private lessons, group classes, seminars or workshops we have several features that you can utilize to make scheduling and booking easier for admins, office managers, staff, and clients.

Custom Client and Pet Fields

Client and Pet Fields in Time To Pet are completely customizable. You can opt to show them to clients, or hide them for internal notes on behavior, training, or progress. It's also possible to set them as required, so a client will need to fill them out before scheduling services. 

Administrators can set required fields on their dashboard:

View of a Required field

Marking fields as required will make it necessary to complete them before the client is able to schedule services: View of required field as a client

Administrators can also create notes that are not viewable by clients:

View of field set to not viewable by clients

View of a completed field as an admin, office manager or staff member

Custom New Client Intake Form

The Allow Clients To Create New Accounts feature can save precious time. Customers can create a direct link to allow clients to sign up for an account with Time To Pet and fill out a custom new client intake form. From there, accounts can be auto-approved, or they can be manually approved. This cuts down on emailing back and forth by capturing the information you need right away to move forward with scheduling.

View of custom new client intake form

Setting Up Services 

Time To Pet allows customers to create unlimited types of Services. If your company offers Private Lessons, Group Classes, Board and Trains, In-Home Dog training or Workshops, you can create a service for each!

View of sample Services in Services List for Dog Trainers

It's also possible to make services not selectable by clients if you would prefer to schedule them yourself:

View of "Selectable By Client" option under each service


The Flags feature in Time To Pet is limitless. Flags are never seen by clients, only by Admins, Office Managers or Staff. They can be easily set on a client's profile and are completely customizable. Some companies will add a flag for equipment that is out on loan to clients, or clients who pay by cash, behavior warnings, class levels and much more. 

View of Sample flags for Dog Trainers

Global Documents or Client Documents

Time To Pet offers two Documents features. Documents that are Global, and can be seen by all clients, or Client Documents, which can be added to a specific client's profile for them to view. Adding homework printouts, class syllabi, contracts, liability forms, important facility instructions or rules or instructional worksheets are just some of the ways these two features can be utilized. 

An example of a Global Document that can be viewed by all clients: 

View of sample Global Documents for dog training clientsAn example of what a client will see on their profile if they have a client document and a global document in their account. They can also view documents in their Time To Pet app for easy viewing on the go:

View of sample dog training global documents in client;s portal

Collecting Payments 

Collecting credit card payments for classes or lessons can all be done online, and even right from the Time To Pet app. As soon as a client is scheduled for a service, an invoice is generated that can be sent directly to the client. If payment is required at the start of class, or before a seminar or workshop is taking place, an invoice can be emailed and the client can pay through the Time To Pet client portal or app to secure their spot. If you prefer to have clients pay by cash or check, you can manually enter and track payments as well.

Mass Email Feature 

Having all of your clients in Time To Pet allows for easy segmenting of mailing lists using the Mass Email feature. This feature is useful for sending class homework assignments, newsletters, upcoming class information, weather announcements, and much more. 

View of mass email feature in Message Center

It's also possible to see if a client has received and opened any mass email by using the Actions -> Statistics button:

View of Statistics feature of mass emails in Message CenterTime To Pet offers over twenty different filters to customize your mailing list for mass emails

View of sample filter option in message centerCreate Tasks

Tasks in Time To Pet are a versatile way to create assignable reminders directly in your Dashboard. A task has a description, an optional due date, an optional assignee, and an optional client or staff member linked. Tasks help with organization and can be useful if a client is missing information, needs a follow-up call, or has equipment on loan or if a general or staff task is needed.

View of sample task on a specific client

View of sample task on a client's account
Tasks will show in your dashboard banner as well as on a client's profile: 

View of sample task in on client's profile

Additional Tools

Portal Notification

The Portal Notification feature for general announcements. When activated, you can add a custom message that will show at the top of every page in their client portal. You can change those settings here: Client Settings -> Portal Settings

Portal - Service Request Form Message

The "Portal - Service Request Form" in Company Settings -> Messaging. This message will only show when the client is requesting services. For example "If you are scheduling a pack walk, please use the "Pack Walk" selection". Or "Pack Walks Available Monday-Friday, between 11 am and 2 pm"

Messaging in Time To Pet

Messaging in Time To Pet allows for quick and responsive communication with clients and is a keystone of every successful pet service business. Communication is a fully integrated piece of Time To Pet and something you will likely use frequently. This article is an overview of the different methods of communication possible with Time To Pet. For more in-depth instructions on a particular method, follow the links in each section.

Pet Vaccination Tool

For many dog trainers, it is required that their clients keep their pets up-to-date on all of their vaccinations. Time To Pet can help you track vaccinations, their due dates, and run vaccination reports to see what pets are missing vaccinations, are past due or have upcoming due dates using the Pet Vaccinations tool. You can also allow pet parent clients to manage their own vaccinations using this tool.

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